Wolff Information Consulting LLC provides outstanding technical and patent search and analysis services in the chemical arts to help you meet your business, research and intellectual property objectives.

Call Tom Wolff when you need an expert searcher to:

  • Find critical prior art to support your patent opinions or business decisions.
  • Help analyze the competitive landscape.
  • Support you in unfamiliar subject areas.
  • Facilitate management of intellectual property assets.
  • Augment your team’s capacity short or long-term for search and analysis.
  • Evaluate and improve your work processes.
  • Train staff in web resources or search processes.

Count on me to be your partner from discovery through delivery and beyond:

  • I define your requirements through personal contact.
  • I refine them iteratively to get you what you need at the right time, in the right format, at the right cost.
  • I deliver as promised.
  • I revisit your needs to insure complete satisfaction.

Customers include Fortune 100 petroleum and chemical companies, established and startup technology companies, and law firms.