What others have to say about Tom Wolff

We hired Thomas to do some very specific patent and literature searching around chemical structures of interest. Thomas was a pleasure to work with and the report and results we received were well thought out, organized and succinct. He recommended several opportunities for cost savings (both in database costs and his hourly rate) where the search could be limited and where it needed to be expanded. He also recommended that we pay independently for the search engine and recommended the type of account that would most cost-efficient for our needs. We were very pleased with the end results on both instances where we utilized his services and will use him again for future literature and patent searches.

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

– Jamie Singer, Project Manager, Regulatory Affairs, Provectus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.*

I hired Dr. Wolff to do a very important patent search for a client. His search was one of three searches I was commissioned to do. Tom’s results were easily the best of the three search products I received. Being a patent searcher of some experience myself, I can appreciate someone who not only understands computerized search systems but also can deliver a set of focused results in a professional and timely manner. When I have another project requiring the services of an independent patent searcher, Tom will be the first one I will call.

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

– Fred Morgan, Patent Agent, Merchant & Gould P.C.*

I have used Tom on many search projects, and he has always provided excellent output at a reasonable price and in a timely manner. Tom is very easy to work with, and is very knowledgeable of his business and resources.

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

– Bart Lerman, Senior Director, IP, GreatPoint Energy, Inc.*

Tom is an excellent patent searcher. He helped me with a difficult search in a technology area he had no prior experience and provided excellent results in a cost effective and timely manner. I highly recommend Tom.

Top qualities: Expert, On Time, High Integrity

– Marc Adler, Intellectual Property Strategist, Marc Adler, LLC.

* These quotations were copied with permission of the authors from Tom Wolff’s
LinkedIn page that includes client recommendations (requires login to LinkedIn for access). A screen shot of the recommendations from LinkedIn is provided here.

PIUG 2009 Service Award

Tom was presented the PIUG 2009 Service Award for developing the PIUG wiki, managing the PIUG website, and his role as PIUG Discussion List co-moderator and Chair of the PIUG Electronic Communications Committee.

Tom Wolff volunteered to take over as the PIUG webmaster in 2006 when Rodney Cruise had to step down. But that wasn’t enough for him. He also took on the jobs of Discussion List Moderator, Wikimaster and Electronics Communications Committee Chair! Tom has worked tirelessly to create and promote the wiki, his passion for the last 12 months. Some of our members are slow to change. In this age of new cool technologies like blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, some of us still sit through commercials when watching TV because we are still not using Tivo. But there is hope Tom. If we can learn how to search fragmentation codes, we can certainly learn how to post a message on our wiki.

We would like to thank Tom for his outstanding contribution to the operation of PIUG!

– Doreen Alberts, PIUG Vice Chair, May 14, 2009, at the PIUG 2009 Annual Conference

PIUG 2017 Service Award

Tom received the PIUG 2017 Service Award in recognition of his continuing contribution to PIUG as Webmaster (2006-2017), Wikimaster (2008-2017), Electronic Communications Committee Chair (2008-2017).

We have our first 2-time service award winner. Tom Wolff has been the champion of our electronic presence. He developed and has been a tireless advocate for the PIUG wiki. He founded the Electronic Communications Committee. He has done a huge amount of work that is required to keep all this running, including migrating the entire website to Wild Apricot in short order when PIUG broke away from its management company. I am sure that we would still be mired in the last century without Tom’s leadership. Thank you Tom for your vision and dedication.

– Martha Yates, PIUG Chairperson, and Heather Simmons, 2017 Annual Conference Program Chair, May 22, 2017, at the PIUG 2017 Annual Conference